Eliezer Yudkowsky, at Overcoming Bias (one of my favorite blogs), writes about Weirdtopia, the place which is neither Utopia (the projection of your hopes / beliefs) or Dystopia (the projection of your fears), but something altogether different and at least potentially better than Utopia to actually live in. His recent series on Fun Theory give potential civilization engineers much food for thought. The opposite of happiness isn’t isn’t sadness – it’s boredom. And it follows that a “perfect” world probably isn’t a very happy one.

Does your perfect world leave room for personal development/growth? Challenge? Failure? If so, what makes it different from this world?

I hope soon to actually fill in those blanks in Eliezer Weirdtopia post – at least several have fairly interesting answers you can generate from “sustainable/green transhumanism”… in the mean time, please enjoy thinking of some weirdtopia’s yourself.