Excellent Podcasts

I did a brief podcast sharing talk at Future Camp at burning man, where I detailed some of my favorite podcasts, and then asked others to share, because there is a significant “finding cost” in locating excellent podcasts.

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MLP #1

Mindless Link Propagation Post #1. Actually I hope them to be not too mindless.

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Weirdtopia's Invented

So after long delay here is a follow up to my Weirdtopia promise. The “Utopia” and “Distopia” are from Eliezer Yudkowsky, the Weirdtopia’s are mine. I think it’s interesting to note how similar most of the “dystopias” sound to our current reality… I suspect that this exercise reveals more about the writer than about the future, but even so it’s a very interesting exercise…

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Eliezer Yudkowsky, at Overcoming Bias (one of my favorite blogs), writes about Weirdtopia, the place which is neither Utopia (the projection of your hopes / beliefs) or Dystopia (the projection of your fears), but something altogether different and at least potentially better than Utopia to actually live in. His recent series on Fun Theory give potential civilization engineers much food for thought. The opposite of happiness isn’t isn’t sadness – it’s boredom. And it follows that a “perfect” world probably isn’t a very happy one.

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