SOON CON 2011 & Nuit Blanche

I’ve been procrastinating about blogging recently, SOON CON actually happened the same weekend as the mushroom hike that I blogged about 2 weeks ago! It’s the Southern Ontario hackerspaces Conference, and it moves around – this year it was put together by Site 3, and held at the Bell TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto, on the same day as Nuit Blanche, the annual art night here in Toronto.

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Mushroom Forey 2011

Long-anticipated this year – I’ve been looking forward to it for months! I invited several of my friends along as well. And I wasn’t the only new person – apparently, a friend of my dad wrote an article about him and this hike, and it attracted quite a few new people. I believe the count this year was 23 people!

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Cyborg Camp Toronto

I blogged a couple of months ago about launching Cyborg Camp here in Toronto, and I’m here to report now that it actually happened last weekend! We had about 40 people gathered at Tranzac, the Toronto Australian New Zealand club, to talk about cyborgs, augmentation, transhumanism, AI, hackerspaces, all that kind of good stuff.

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World Maker Faire

I traveled via Greyhound to New York City for the World Maker Faire. As usual it was a total blast. I hung out with my friends from San Francisco there, and I checked out the entire faire over the course of two days (not running your own booth is totally rad because it means that you have time to see everybody else’s!).

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Circuit Stitching & Don Valley Hike

This has been a super busy month for me, I apologize for not getting around to blogging until this late day. For sensebridge, I launched the black Heart Spark product with a new website: sensebridge.com. It’s oriented more towards the main-stream consumer, rather than the ‘maker/hacker’ like sensebridge.net. I intend to keep both going, they serve different interests, but my main goal for the fall is to diversify the product lineup offered at sensebridge.com, to have three or four different choices for ‘electronic jewelry’. Should keep me super busy!

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