Wearables/Cyborg Show & Tell

I hosted a Wearables/Cyborg Show & Tell workshop at hacklab, which was super amounts of fun.

I showed off all the various toys that I have been accumulating over the last couple of years, including:

  • Heart Spark pendant (flashes lights in time with your heart beat)
  • North Paw compass anklet (vibrates to tell you what way is north)
  • Truth Kit wrist band (measures galvanic skin response to tell you when you lying)
  • Bliplace pendant (sound reactive lights)
  • Fabrick.it wearable electronics modules collection
  • Lilypad components, including conductive thread
  • Secret Sounds ultrasonic listening device

We had a super lively discussion for about two hours, and several people talked about their projects, though no-one else brought anything to show. I hope to do something similar again sometime, perhaps with actually workshop elements – i.e. something for people to actually work on and learn with. See flickr set for some photos of the stuff and the people :-). Also, you gotta check out these super cute tiny planters that can be worn on a necklace, pure genius!