Guerilla Gardening: north planting

The first Guerilla Gardening planting of the year! It was way, way in the North, up on the campus of York University, near a medical building – though don’t ask me exactly where, I couldn’t find it again on my own if I tried, that campus is so confusing!

Ewan and I made those awesome fence pieces that you see, they really made this planting, it looks so cute! This garden is also showing the effect of the Awesome Grant – we were able to plant all perennials this time! So the little garden should last for several years rather than just being a flash in the pan like many previous efforts. I’m planning to refresh the same spot as last year for the downtown planting. Hopefully, with the base that we already have (all those lilies are still there!) we can expand to a much larger gardened area this year. And a little bit of that fence should go a long way there too!