BevLab was soo much fun! We did at least four different experiments (depending on how you count).

  1. drinking a cloud, basically: add some essential oils to water, then use one of those ultrasonic humidifier gadgets to make flavoured “cloud”. It’s amazing how strong the flavor can be!
  2. liquid nitrogen cooled salsa and guac. We squeezed syringes of salsa and guac into a pool of liquid nitrogen, freezing drops of it very quickly. Then we eat those frozen drops on scoop chips. Very cold, but fun!
  3. frozen sphere of fruit juice, we used syringes again to remove the unfrozen fluid in the center, then added our own back, giving a two-flavor mix
  4. make our own soda. Combine up to 12 different flavors into a 300ml beverage, carbonate it, then pour into soda bottle and cap. I made a blackberry / lemonade / hot pepper soda, it had a real zing 🙂

There was also a super cool demo of a beverage mixing robot that used twitter feeds (e.g. #food) to decide on the ratio of the ingredients.  Taste data indeed!

Check out my complete flickr set of photos of the event.

I originally got tickets via the design offsite indiegogo.  I hope a lot more things like this come to Toronto!