Working Out at Home

It took me quite awhile to work out how to DO a home gym in a practical way that didn’t require something huge/expensive, like a squat rack. It took me a long time to get to where I’m actually happy with my overall fitness routine, and I’m actually seeing significant gains now, which tells me that I’m on the right track.

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Ontario Stage II Opening

I’ve read some great stories recently about successes with the Contact Tracing in Ontario: springing wide-spread testing on whole buildings where you know there was a case, to catch anyone else who might be infected before it spreads further.

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The New Normal

Ontario is making some very small moves to “open up” the economy again, because we are seeing consistent downward trends in the number of new cases & deaths. That’s great, and I’m super happy about the finally declining numbers (only several weeks later than I predicted), but what’s the new normal actually going to be LIKE?

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Painting Process

Most of my paintings to date are basically paint-by-numbers, trying to fill in the various areas with color & texture that makes them match the target image. It’s inexact, and especially for texture, there is a lot of experimentation and failure (see: water for The Return), but it’s typically fun, and progress is fast – the entire painting can be done in 3-5 two hour sessions, each of which adds satisfying levels of new awesomeness.

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Ontario Coronavirus Futures

Today’s disturbing Ontario numbers – 380 new cases – have to be understood in the ‘more testing’ context, obviously wider testing is going to uncover newer/more cases. What’s ALARMING about the number isn’t so much the size, as the fact that the test positive rate was so high.

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Painting Giant Robots

For my second painting, I picked a much more ambitious image, one of the giant robots from Pacific Rim. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and I also learned a great deal making this one too.

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